st1gmat1zed (st1gmat1zed) wrote,

Back From The Show...

I'm back from the Chimaira, Six Feet Under, All That Remains, & 3 Inches Of Blood show...

My Review:

3 Inches Of Blood...
I am not a big fan of this band. They are a pack of very talented musicians and I have a lot of respect for them, but they just don't do it for me. I can't accurately review this band because I suppose I am a little biased. But, the sound was good and they played their asses off.

All That Remains...
I heart my locals! It's always great to hear that Boston accent amongst a pack of national acts. Great energy during this set.

Six Feet Under...
I have never seen them live before. I have always thought Chris Barnes' vocals were splendifferous, but live...he kicked my ass. I definitely enjoyed this set and it brought me a step closer to being a Six Feet Under "fan". High creativity, great effects, but the energy left a bit to be wanted.

This is the primary band I went for. They must have spent a boatload on lights, but it was well worth it. I didn't stay for the whole set because I was sober and there were a lot of irksome things going on. We left as they were starting to play something off of their new album. I was gunning to hear a bunch of stuff from The Impossibility of Reason, but as with all bands who have just put out a new CD, they were gonna play the new stuff. I like to sit with a CD for a while before I hear the songs live...I'm weird. Either way, what I saw for their set was good. The vox was too low for my liking and it was almost as if the sound guy got really drunk or lost some IQ points while the band was doing sound check. I am not sure if Chimaira has their own sound or not, but if they do...they should hire the guy that works with Six Feet Under.

This is my completely pathetic review for this now know why I don't work for [INSERT METAL MAG HERE].
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