st1gmat1zed (st1gmat1zed) wrote,

911 EMERGENCY - If you love me you will go - LOCOBAZOOKA

If you love me, you will go.
If you hate me, you will go to kick my ass.


Trauma Concept wants to sell you tickets. I want you to buy tickets from Trauma Concept. Tickets sold by Trauma Concept will cost $30. I <3 Trauma Concept and will cry if you do not attend to share with me my hearting of Trauma Concept.

You can purchase tickets on the Trauma Concept web site - or by contacting me...I will deliver tickets to you. No annoying service fees on the already discounted tickets!

Info about the show can be found by clicking below:

DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS FROM ANYONE OTHER THAN MYSELF OR TRAUMA CONCEPT!!! If you were planning on going to Locobazooka to begin with, please, please, please, get your tickets from me or the Trauma Concept crew.

Thanks, all!!!

Hearts and huggles...

~*~ Tara ~*~
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