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Katrina and other news...

I found this post somewhere and I was quite disturbed: I have posted over there as st1gma, in case you're wondering.

What has happened with Hurricane Katrina is a true tragedy. A beautiful city - destroyed. Thousands of people dead, and even more left starving and sickly.

No one came to them...But George Bush was having himself a nice vacation when Katrina struck...CUNT!!!

When the Tsunami devastated much of Asia...we were there in a flash, rescue attempts being made almost immediately. We sent food, money, and any kind of relief we could. Here we are over a week later and people have just been evacuated...and we are now getting together food and necessities to send down to our own people.

Where is every country we ever assisted and are continuing to assist? Where are all these assholes we have sent our tax money to...neglecting our own. We live in a world where there are two options: dog eat dog, or one hand washes the other...I think it's time for this doggy to do some eating and start focusing on taking care of our own.

I am aware that some countries sent aid...such as Saudi Arabia. ::jaw drops:: This is all kind and good, but it sure as hell took a long time.

It's time to close our borders to the influx of immigrants and stop sending aid to other countries...unless they absolutely need it. Yes, America was founded and set up to be a melting pot, but these goddamn people need to appreciate the country they live in. I drive around and see a plethora of flags hanging outside of homes and businesses. It is quite disrespectful to fly the flag of another country without the good ol' US flag next to it. It's good to be proud of where you came from, but also be proud of where you are.

This cannot be said for all who immigrate to this country, for some are very proud to now be an American. But there a great many that do nothing but help in the destruction of what was once...and still could be...a fine country.

In other news...

Chief Justice William Rehnquist is now dead. Not that this was not expected, but his death effectively puts George Bush completely in charge of the Supreme Court. He will now, in all likelihood, get everything he wants.

When was the last time you filled your tank up with gas? Gotta love this price gouging! Many stations have gone out of business, at least temporarily. Who is making money off of this? George W.'s daddy waddy and his other oil tycoon buddies. Have fun paying the cunts! And all Bush has to say is: "Don't drive unless you have to"...heh...wish we had that luxury, CUNT!

In closing, it can be said:

George W. Bush is a cunt!
People have no appreciation for this country.
George W. Bush is a cunt!
When you help other countries...many will, in fact, bite the hand that has fed them.
George W. Bush is a cunt!
Your enemies...such as Saudi Arabia...will surprise you in good ways occasionally.
George W. Bush is a cunt!
Some asshole on a bulletin board is living proof that most people are CUNTS!
George W. Bush is a cunt!


At least the victims of Katrina are now getting the aid they desperately needed. FINALLY!!!
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