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6 August
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The basics are as follows, I am who I am and the rest of y'all will just need to deal with that fact or go fuck yourself. If you can handle those terms, welcome...if not, BOUNCE!!!

I have spent all this time building the person I am, and compensating for deeds of the past. I have become the person I always wanted to be. I would never sacrifice who I am or what I believe in for anything. I live by the principles of respect & integrity and look for those qualities in others.

Outside of New England, I've been to Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, California, and lived in Las Vegas for a while. While I have not travelled the world, or even really the country, I have lived a long and full life for a twenty four year old. I have partied with the rich and famous and once had a home with those whose home is on the streets. I have experienced things that one would only dream or have nightmares about. I have seen all of the good and all of the bad that this world has to offer. I have been with the devil and I have been among the angels. My life and my experiences are of a unique nature and I would not trade my memories for any glamor, fame, or money. I have learned a lot about what makes this world, this society, tick and what could make it explode. A person is gauged only by what they have learned from their life and their experiences. Everything I do is for a reason and is done with passion. Everything I am is based on respect, integrity, and never saying never. Passion, wisdom, integrity, respect, knowledge...that is who I am.

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